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Last year we had a local backpacker freeze to death. They’d likely be alive today if they had brought a Satellite Messenger & activated its emergency signal (by the time they were reported missing and the search crews went out, they had frozen to death overnight). Of course, there are many other good reasons to carry a Satellite Messenger. With newer, 2-way Satellite Messengers you can get interactive help like medical advice (assessment & treatment), other information like helicopter landing sites, best evacuation routes, etc. In fact, you may get enough information to help yourself and not even need a rescue—the best possible outcome.

Read the full article at: While planning a backcountry mule deer hunt for fall of 2018 I have been researching The Garmin Inreach among other options for safety reasons. It will also give my wife peace of mind knowing I can at least text her now and then to let her know I am safe. During my research I stumbled across this review and felt it worthwhile to share. If you spend a lot of time in areas with poor cell coverage and have been considering such a device head over to the Adventure Alan website and give the full article a read. While there take some time to browse through the many articles available on the website. Lots of great and useful information and advice.

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