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This article from Team Backcountry embodies everything Traditional Outdoors is all about. Family, mentorship, enjoying the experiences of the outdoors and life in the outdoors before Social Media and “The Sportsman channel”! I highly recommend you give this one a read.

I come from a typical hunting family. I’m sure it was a natural lifestyle for my great, great grandfather to pick up hunting. His son, my great grandfather Merl Wittwer, kept the tradition going by taking my grandpa, Harold Wittwer hunting when he was a kid. Grandpa still tells stories about growing up hunting and the desperation to bring home wild game meat when he was a kid. His hunting trips with my great grandpa weren’t about a trophy, 30” buck, or a social media post. It was about meat. They had to bring home meat to make the trip and gas money worthwhile.

Read the full article at: An awesome article that embodies what Traditional Outdoors is all about. I highly recommend following the link to read the full article. Well done Dustin Wittwer!

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