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Spring can be a mixed bag. Well, it can be a sopping wet sleeping bag, or it can be gorgeous and sunny. Snow can cover trails well below the mountains, or deserts can be popping with wildflowers. Here are some tips to getting out earlier in the year, well before anyone else….and having a blast doing it.

Go Low
The most obvious factor about spring camping is that the camping bug hits long before snow melts. It’s not only in the high country, which frequently isn’t snow-free until after July 4th. Snow can often linger well below treeline late in the year, especially in deep shady canyons and north-facing slopes. Unless you want to camp on snow and struggle to find the trail through the trees, best to plan your trips for lower elevation.

Go Dry
And plan for trips to drier places. If you live………………………………..

As winter begins to give way to Spring, many thoughts will turn to hiking and camping, read the full article for more great advice at: https://blog.stansport.com

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