Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #1 – What’s with the name?

In Episode #1 Steve and Nick outline a bit about what the Traditional Outdoors podcast is about and what listeners can expect. In addition both provide a little background about themselves, how they became good friends and give some background on their individual experiences in the outdoors.

Show Notes:

  • “Who Nick Viau is”
  • Steve’s early desire for the outdoors
  • Nick transitions from paintball to hunting with traditional archery gear
  • Steve and Nick discuss “Why Traditional Outdoors”
  • Promoting good stewardship while in the outdoors
  • The “commercialization” of hunting
  • Our public lands are threatened
  • About the website

Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher and leave feedback. We would also appreciate ideas for future podcasts so let us know what you would like to hear or make recommendations for guests on the show.

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