The last thing you want when you’re miles from nowhere is underperforming underwear. Your underwear should keep up with your active pursuits, delivering comfort and performance in hard-charging activities, extreme conditions and far-flung travel destinations.

Unless you want to exfoliate a layer of sensitive skin to chafing, endure swamp-like misery in hot weather or risk hypothermia with a damp undercarriage in cold weather, don’t even think about subjecting yourself to department-store-variety tighty whities. Today’s best underwear boasts durable, technical fabrics that wick away moisture, dry quickly, stretch, support, keep you cool when it’s hot (or warm when it’s cold), combat odors and breathe. Whew, breathe.

Recently I began using Merino wool based underwear for outdoor activities and I may never go back. REI has chosen what apprears to be a great selection for men’s underwear in the outdoors and I do see a few Merino Wool options so I must not be alone. See the full lineup at:

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