Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #2 – How do you Public? Part 1

In Episode #2 Steve and Nick dive into hunting on public land. In part 1 of this 2 part series we discuss why we hunt public land, some tactics and some of the good and bad we have experienced while hunting public land.
Bows on public land
Show Notes:

  • Avoiding the “de enfluenza”
  • Why we hunt public land
  • Knowing where you are
  • “On line scouting” – Topo Maps and Google Earth
  • Nick encounters a mentor on public land
  • Keep a journal
  • A couple negative encounters
  • The “Turkey Hunting Yeti”

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  1. My worst public land hunting experience was when I showed to turkey hunt during a prescribed burn. I wish I would have know. Of course hunting after the burn is very advantageous.

    • I had a similar experience while scouting some public land, only it wasn’t a prescribed burn it was a forest fire and I almost got caught in the middle of it due to swirling winds. Ended up having to help the local Fire Department get into the WMA with heavy equipment to clear all vegetation around the fire to rob it of fuel. Was a bit scary for a bit.

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