The CuttyRainBrown – Vindication for Hank Patterson – Rep Your Water

The existence of the CuttyRainBrown trout has been, since I first introduced it to the angling public in a 2012 YouTube video, doubted, ridiculed and considered a joke. Despite my claim to have brought two CuttyRainBrowns to the net, one near the “S” turns in Idaho’s Silver Creek and a 2nd in a small (I won’t share the name) stream in Idaho’s Copper Basin, angler’s worldwide have continued to think its existence to be nothing more than fiction.

We live in a time where people expect photographic proof of everything. Fish stories have been replaced by Snap Stories and Instagram. “Photo or it didn’t happen”………..

What happened to the days when people just accepted a good fish story without needing photo evidence? Well, we may never get back to those times but regardless, check out this short, very cool fish story:

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