Pro Tips: Proper River Etiquette for Spring Run-Off – Orvis

With blown-out rivers on the horizon for mountain fisheries, many anglers are gearing up for spring tailwater fishing. This time of year can provide some of the best fishing, but it’s often paired with chaos, as anglers flock to the same rivers and “combat fishing” ensues.

Instead of working on your snarl, or loading your fly pack with nunchucks, try some of these tips–from guide and FFI professional casting instructor, Mary Ann Dozer–to get you through those busy river days. Even if you decide to avoid the crowds and fish high waters or tackle the thawing lake, understanding these etiquette tips and teaching them to new anglers can help us keep the river a peaceful place through the summer months, as well.

1. Do Some Research
Before you hit the river, ask the local fly shop

A good refresher on spring stream and river etiquette read the rest at

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