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I held the stamped envelope, full of spring soccer sign up forms, in the mail slot for a few seconds before letting go—committing to a spring of weekend plans. Sure, I can stand in a river in the rain with no problem, but standing still on a soccer field in the rain sounds excruciating. As I reflect on trying to become a “normal” American parent, I look back on my decision to keep my family as wild as I could for the last ten years, hauling them to the outdoors almost every weekend to explore, find adventure, and to build a foundation that values river places.

Yes, some of my intentions of riverside-parenting are selfish, as I’m a trout bum at heart, but I’ve found that my children adore these experiences; and just as fly fishing helps balance my mind, this time together in nature has given my children a chance to find a type of freedom they cannot experience anywhere else…………….

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