Mountain Man Breakfast (Modified) – Submitted by Gene Bramblett ( “Dutchman” )

Mountain Man Breakfast
Mountain Man Breakfast

Mountain Man Breakfast (original recipe from Lodge, but modified it a bit).

In a 12″ bread oven, Dutch Oven

  1. Brown a pound of breakfast sausage and a medium onion in the dutch oven over medium-high heat (charcoal briquets) and drain.
  2. Add about 2 pounds of sliced potatoes that have been pre-cooked (baked or fried) to the sausage, stir to blend and let cook for a few minutes. Season to taste (I prefer Tony Chachere’s for my seasoning). I prefer fresh potatoes here. The Lodge recipe calls for frozen hash browns, but they contain too much water for me.
  3. Add 1 dozen eggs (scrambled) to the top of the sausage and potato mixture. Place lid on oven and add top heat in the form of about 10-12 charcoal briquets.
  4. Keep an eye on the eggs and when they begin to set pretty well, add a 16 oz package of grated cheese (or substitute your favorite “flavor”) and replace the lid.
  5. Check the progress and when the cheese melts, add 1- 16 oz jar of your favorite salsa and replace the lid.
  6. When the salsa starts bubbling, take it off the heat and serve it up.

One thing to be careful of with this dish is to remove some of the bottom heat when you add the eggs. If you don’t, the bottom WILL burn. Don’t worry about slowing the cooking process by doing this. The cast iron retains heat and cooks nicely even when removed from the heat for a little while.

Gene Bramblett with Rainbow Trout
Gene Bramblett with a fine North Georgia Trout

Gene Bramblett resides in North Georgia and loves the outdoors. Gene enjoys cooking in cast iron so much that his online nickname in several forums is the “Dutchman”. When not cooking outdoors Gene enjoys flyfishing, chasing turkeys, deer and other critters. Gene is a Traditional Archery and Bowhunter but also enjoys hunting with firearms from time to time, especially turkeys!

Please leave comments or feedback as I am working to encourage Gene to be a regular participant to the website and plan to have him on a podcast episode in the near future to talk about cooking in camp.

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