Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #5 – Get Primitive with Guest Ryan Gill

In Episode #5 Steve and Nick welcome guest Ryan Gill to the podcast to discuss selfbows, atlatls, flintlocks and more.

Ryan Gill is an accomplished bowyer, flint knapper, author, and just a wealth of information about primitive skills. Ryan is the owner of Gills Primitive Archery where you can order everything from Ryan’s books, his bows and other primitive tools and even moccasins. He is also the owner of Primitive Revival, a website where Ryan focuses on “Re-creative & Experimental Archaeology Through Practical Application. Primitive Revival Production’s goal is to create both educational and entertaining content to inspire outdoor enthusiasts to take up the challenge of primitive hunting. Whether it be in the form of a Rock lock front stuffer (fun term for flintlock), Primitive bow & arrow, or the ultimate challenge: the Atlatl. Lastly, if you have not already done so, be sure to check out Ryan’s YouTube channel, Ryan Gill – Primitive Hunter where you will find some pretty amazing and entertaining videos related to hunting primitive.

Ryan Gill's Atlatl
Ryan Gill with his Atlatl hog

Show Notes:

  • What’s up with Steve and Nick
  • Introduction to Ryan Gill
  • What drew Ryan to hunting with Primitive weapons
  • Ryan talks about his success while hunting with Primitive gear
  • Most memorable hunt, comparing the experience from selfbow to flintlock
  • Atlatl hunting, the ultimate challenge
  • The reason for doing things “The hard way”
  • All about having fun
  • Primitive tools beyond a projectile
  • Final comments

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