Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #8 – Wyoming Adventures with Thom Jorgensen – Part 1

In Episode #8 Thom Jorgensen is FINALLY introduced to the show. Nick and I have been mentioning Thom off an on since we started and the schedules finally aligned for he and I to record. This episode is a combo of “Get to know Thom” and the start of converation about our amazing Pronghorn hunt in Wyoming the fall of 2016. Thom and I are returning to Wyoming this fall (2018) to pursue Mule Deer DIY style on public land. This will be a two part podcast with Part 2 coming next week as Episode number 9.

This week we also announce the first Traditional Outdoors giveaway where we one lucky winner will receive a ready to fish 5wt fly rod and reel complete with line and backing. You can find out more about the contest here.

Thom and Steve with P&Y Antelope
Thom and Steve with their 2016 Antelope

Show Notes:

  • Fly fishing combo giveaway information
  • Introduction to Thom
  • Meeting Thom at Wild Things in 2012
  • Big Sky, Antelope and introduction to “The Goat Hauler”
  • Thom and I double up on P&Y Antelope bucks on the same day
  • Thom’s and Steve’s hunt – A play by play from both perspectives
  • So many more stories, we need to have a part 2
  • Closing comments

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