New Scouting DVD Set by Jason Samkowiak of the Traditional Bowhunting and WIlderness Podcast

I purchased Jason’s first DVD set a couple years back and loved it. Now he has a new 2 DVD set completed and ready for your greedy little fingers to stuff them into your DVD player. Jason is a most accomplished whitetail hunter and I can tell you from his first DVD set that the information he provides is applicable practically anywhere. If you want to regularly get “stickbow close” be sure to check them out!

The scouting video number 2 is 4 hours long and a 2 dvd set. Cost is 29.00 in the lower 48 states. canada and alaska add 4 bucks for extra shipping.

You can get both the first scouting video Jason did a few years ago and also this new second one both for 50.00. Thats 4 dvds and over 8 hours of everything Jason knows about scouting for deer!

Paypal the money to Once I have the payment and address the dvd is on the way.

You can also see the original announcement on the Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast website by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you Steve and Nick!
    I have your dvds in the mail on the way to you!
    Hope you enjoy them!

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