Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #11 – Q & A with Steve and Nick

In Episode #11 Nick and I take a few minutes to discuss some basic or beginner questions for individuals wanting to get started fly fishing or traditional archery and traditional bowhunting. Some of these come from emails sent from listeners and some are from things we see on Social Media. We try to provide down to earth and where possible, unbiased information about these topics.

Steve and Nick
Steve and Nick Bowhunting near the Etowah River in North GA

Show Notes:

  • Greetings from Toronto CA
  • A few updates about Traditional Outdoors and some future info
  • Nick wants to start fly fishing and asks me some questions that any aspiring fly fisher should find useful
  • I learn what happened to my Lefty Kreh DVD
  • Questions and Answers for aspiring traditional archers and bowhunters
  • As a beginner, which is better. Longbow or Recurve?
  • What’s the best broadhead?
  • The great “Traditional Debate”….what makes the best arrow?
  • Myth’s of draw weights
  • More is not always better!!!!
  • Closing remarks

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