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Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

Very recently (today in fact) I completed my Life Membership with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA). Since the first day I learned of BHA I have wanted to support this great organization in any way I possibly could. Lifetime membership was just another step in supporting BHA. For those that have never heard of BHA I invite you to check them out on their website. If you already know about BHA but have not yet joined I highly recommend you do so, if you are already a member then I invite you to consider becoming a life member. Not only do you have the option to support an organization dedicated to protecting your rights to access and use public land and waters but you also can choose from some awesome membership packages for some amazing gear for your favorite outdoors activities.

One thing I have constantly heard from other members is that they have a hard time committing the full price of a lifetime membership at once and it would be easier if they could make payments. Well guess what! Payment options have been available since day one and many people do not know this option exists because they have not looked into a life membership deeply enough to find this option. So follow along below and I will show you exactly how to take advantage of this payment plan to become a life member and this is offered at no additional cost to you!!! Win, Win!

In order to begin your life membership using the payment plan:

Go to the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers website, locate the “Join BHA” button and click.

This will take you to the Membership Options page which includes all of the Life Membership packages available.

Now locate the Life Membership Package that best fits your favorite Public Lands activities. There are a lot to choose from and I recommend you look at them all closely!

Once you decide the membership package you want, select it.

Now scroll to the bottom and look for the “Join Today” button

Now you will be taken to the page where you can choose the number of payments you would like to spread out the cost of the Life Membership package you chose from 1 to 12 payments.

Now just complete your transaction by entering your credit card info and you are done! Also remember that your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE as well.

Hope this helps some folks join as Life Members and I look forward to meeting you all on a stream or in the woods very soon!

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