Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #14 – Jay St. Charles, Bowyer and Owner at Pacific Yew

In Episode #14 we welcome back Jay St. Charles to the show to discuss how he learned to make bows from people like Kore Duryee and of course his father Glenn. We also get some wonderful archery history and insight into how bow making changed as materials got better and bowyers experimented with new advances in technology with Fiberglass. We also get Jay to talk a little about the bows he builds today and you can find more information about Jay’s longbows and Recurves on his website, Pacific Yew.

In this episode we also introduce a new segment to the show called “Passing Down Traditions”. We plan for this to be a regular segment going forward where we will take just a few minutes to share any news or information related to preserving our outdoor traditions or in some cases it may be hints or suggestions around passing down traditions by getting youths involved in the outdoors. We hope you will find this information useful and timely.

Show Notes:

  • Intro to Episode #14 just back from the Compton’s Rendezvous
  • Welcome back Jay
  • Kore Duryee was a big influence on Glenn
  • All about bows and Whale Baleen
  • From Baleen to Fiberglass, the path to the Thunderbird Recurve
  • Passing Down Traditions – Compton Traditional Bowhunters Youth Event at the Rendezvous
  • Jay decides to go into business as a bowyer
  • Passing on the tradition, Jay loves teaching new bow makers
  • Yew Selfbows
  • Closing remarks

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