Today the Laramie County Commissioners voted unanimously 5-0 against the two petitions to vacate (eliminate the public right-of-way) for two county roads (highlighted in green and pink in the map below). Buzz Hettick, Chairman of the Wyoming BHA Chapter spoke at the commission hearing earlier today, defending our access to our public lands and standing up for our interests as hunters and anglers. This is an important public lands access victory that we should celebrate.

Thank you to all of you who stood up to lend your voices – you made a difference and you just contributed to the future of our public lands heritage.

If you’d like to contribute further, Buzz Hettick could use your help. After the hearing Buzz met with the private land owners who submitted the petitions, local BLM officials, and the county commissioners to discuss how BHA could help ensure users would know where access to public lands began and ended along these roads. As a result, Buzz will be leading an effort to post public land signage along these roads – and we need 10-15 volunteers to help out. This boots on the ground approach helps to demonstrate our commitment to working with all public land stakeholders, strengthens important relationships, and ensures that our public lands have the support they need.

If you’d like to volunteer please email me at and I will connect you with Buzz……………………………

Read more by vising the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers website and thank you to everyone that sent communication to the commissioners. Also thank you to Brien Webster for getting the word out so that we could all take action.

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