Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #15 – A Lifetime of Trout with Glen Blackwood

In Episode #15 Nick is on location with life long fly fisherman Glen Blackwood. For the last 30 years, Glen has been a fly fishing instructor, guide, national sales manager, and now owns and operates the Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company in Rockford, Michigan. Glen is also known for his knowledge of American sporting literature and authors the Pages Past column for Upland Almanac magazine, as well as book reviews for the Ruffed Grouse Society’s publication. As a collector, dealer and appraiser of angling and shooting books, he has lectured on this topic and appraised collections in the Midwest.

Also this week in the “Passing Down Traditions” segment I take a couple minutes to share a website and some words about taking a kid fishing. Out traditions are kept alive by the youths we can introduce to the outdoors.

Show Notes:

  • Trout Fishing updates with Steve and Nick
  • Introduction to Glen Blackwood
  • How Glen got started in Fly Fishing
  • Writing, Glen’s writing and his thoughts on other Fly Fishing authors
  • It’s not the size or quantity of fish that makes the memory
  • All fish are professional eaters
  • The Garden and Cheeseburger analogies of picking the correct fly
  • Passing Down Traditions Mid-roll – Take a kid fishing
  • Just get out there, ignore the reasons not to
  • Except lightning… attention to lighting!
  • Fly fishing or upland bird hunting, if you had to choose?

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  1. Hey when you reference companies like the rod builders in this episode can you provide links to them. I tried to look both the rod builders up and could not find them.

    • I do try to but sometimes I forget…..can you tell me the two that were referenced that you are looking for…….if memory serves one was Scott Spray and he just recently built his website and it can be found at let me know what the other one was and I will provide a link if possible.

      Thanks for the comment!

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