Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #17 – Tracey and David Balowski of St. Joe River Bows

In Episode #17 Nick and I are recording from the Compton Traditional Bowhunter’s Rendezvous in Berrien Springs Michigan. This episode is with Tracey and David Balowski of St. Joe River bows.  Both Nick and I consider the Blaowski’s close personal friends and Tracey turns out some absolutely gorgeous bows, just ask Nick, his wife and kids or my wife Lorrie. All owners of St. Joe River bows. We hope you enjoy getting to know the Balowski’s a little better from this podcast.

Also, on the Passing Down Traditions segment I discuss Senator Mike Lee and the threat I see to our National Forests and other public lands and I have Mr. Don Rank, BHA Secretary of the PA Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, on to discuss the threat to Hawn’s Peninsula in PA and how this could affect hunters, hikers and fishers in the state of PA. You can read more about the threat to Hawn’s Peninsula on the BHA Website, and you can take action by letting the Army Corp of Engineers know your stand by following the link here:
and here:

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Welcome to the Balowski’s
  • Path to becoming a bowyer
  • St. Joe’s Youth bows “Trade Up” Program
  • The surge of women participating in Archery
  • Tracy’s thoughts on being the only recognized professional female bowyer
  • Passing Down Traditions segment – Utah Senator pledges attack on Public Lands and Hawn’s Peninsula in PA
  • David’s perspective on what it’s like with Tracey being the bowyer – its all about supporting each other
  • Thunderbird finish products
  • St. Joes Bow Models
  • Take down options
  • The importance of choosing the right grip
  • Contacting St. Joes River Bows and closing

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