Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #18 – Chasing Solitude with Guest Mike Mitten

In Episode #18 we welcome Mike Mitten to the podcast. Mike is the owner of Herd Bull Productions and recently released his DVD “Chasing Solitude” a nearly two hour video journey that takes you into the depths of Alaska in search of moose, caribou and of course…..solitude..

We discuss solo hunting Alaska, Mike’s early years as a hunter and even spend a little time discussing his adventures with the “Brothers of the Bow”

Also, on the Passing Down Traditions segment I have a message for all listeners of the podcast regarding the Sportsmen’s Alliance and why you need to know who they are.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Welcome Mike Mitten to the show
  • What drew Mike to hunting outside of his home state
  • The call of Alaskan Moose
  • “Passing Down Traditions” segment – The Sportsmen’s Alliance
  • The origins of the “Brothers of the bow”
  • Primal Dreams
  • The contrast between hunting with the Wensels and hunting solo
  • Chat about Mike’s gear used in Chasing Solitude
  • Wrap up

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