Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #19 – Urban Whitetail Tactics with Guest Crispin Henry

In Episode #19 I sit down with Crispin Henry. Crispin is an amazing hunter and has had some great success hunting whitetails inside the city limits of Atlanta and has some good advice and tips to share on how others can share the same success in urban areas where they live. I have been friends with Crispin for many years so this one was extra special for me. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording with him.

Also, on the Passing Down Traditions segment I have Chad Allen Rischar with me to introduce listeners to the Southeast Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. There are some great folks in our Chapter and you can expect to hear from more of them from time to time here on the show.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction – Steve and Nick chat about the upcoming hunting season
  • Welcome Crispin Henry
  • The early years
  • Hunting Urban whitetails – Starting with a borrowed bow
  • Creative ways to find locations to hunt – the whitetails are pretty much everywhere
  • Are urban whitetails less wary than other deer
  • scent control
  • “Passing Down Traditions” segment – The Southeast Chapter of BHA with Chad Rischar
  • Different tactics when hunting Public Property vs Urban Property
  • Even when hunting inside the city limits you can find solitude
  • Scouting and our first whitetails
  • Be smart when hunting in Urban areas
  • The story behind the Red Bandanna and Camo Patterns
  • Just some general conversation
  • Wrap up

You can download an example of the Hold Harmless Agreement Crispin mentions by clicking here.

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