Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #20 – Arrow Lethality with Todd Smith and Isaac Jestus

In Episode #20 we continue with a hunting themed episode as we discuss arrow lethality with Todd Smith and Isaac Jestus. Todd has a long history in Traditional Bowhunting having worked for many years with 3 Rivers Archery and currently with Grizzlystick. Isaac owns and operates Limb Driven TV a Youtube channel focused on outdoor activities included videos around arrow tuning and arrow performance.

Also, on the Passing Down Traditions segment I welcome Compton Traditional Bowhunter‘s President Dennis Harper to discuss the organization and all the great things they are doing to preserve Traditional Bowhunting.

Show Notes:

  • Introductions
  • Welcome Todd and Isaac
  • No one likes arrow failure
  • Tuning with High FOC
  • Experiences that lead to refining arrow performance
  • “Passing Down Traditions” segment – Compton Traditional Bowhunters with Dennis Harper
  • Steve’s experiences that led to his current arrow setup
  • The group talks about why arrow lethality is so important
  • Heavy arrows with lighter bows
  • Round table of current setups
  • High FOC with Wood Arrows
  • The Ashby Foundation
  • Good shot placement is assumed
  • Wrap up

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  1. Thanks for your podcasts very informative and highly intelligent conversation. The only time I have to listen to them is on the weekends but I enjoy listening and would recommend your podcasts to everyone that hunts or outdoorsman

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