Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #21 – Primitive bows, Hunting Africa and more with Mike Yancey

In Episode #21 Nick and I have a great “campfire chat” with Mike Yancey of Pine Hollow Longbows. We discuss primitive bows, hunting Africa, trapping and more.

This episode is sponsored by True North Arrows LLC.

Also, on the Passing Down Traditions segment I welcome The Professional Bowhunter’s Society‘s Councilman Ethan Roderique to discuss the organization and their role in protecting the future of bowhunting.

Show Notes:

  • Introductions
  • Welcome Mike Yancey
  • Early days of making bows
  • Building bows and teaching others the Pine Hollow way
  • Bowhunting Africa Primitive Style
  • Passing Down Traditions” segment – Professional Bowhunter’s Society with Ethan Roderique
  • Styles of bows available from Pine Hollow
  • Talking Trapping and how it relates to hunting
  • Let’s discuss Traditional Blackpower rifles
  • Wrap up

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