Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #23 – An Evening with Paul “Too Short” Brunner

In Episode #23 Nick and I have an amazing “fireside” style chat with Mr. Paul Brunner, sometimes known as “Too Short”. I have been a huge fan of Paul for many years and really owe much of my early success at bowhunting to Paul, his book and his hunting videos. Paul had a great style of entertaining you but at the same time educating you about bowhunting. I started exchanging emails with Paul randomly about 8 years ago when I found his ID on a traditional bowhunting forum and ever since starting this podcast he has been at the top of my list for people to have on the show. A couple of weeks ago we finally made that happen. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed chatting with Too Short.

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Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • What led Paul to start making videos
  • Discussing the videos and their content
  • The first penetration test performed on video
  • John Schulz, Paul Schaefer and Tom Storm
  • Decoying Whitetails
  • Screaming Eagle, Tree Stands and more
  • Meeting and hunting with the Wensels
  • Paul’s hunting plans for this fall
  • Paul gets an email account and the “Purple Honkys”
  • Fly Fishing New Zealand
  • Heavy Arrows are nothing new
  • Paul discusses what he would do different if he had it all to do over again
  • Heavy Arrows are nothing new
  • Wrap Up

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  1. Really enjoyed the podcast with Paul…I bought my first recurve from Paul back in the mid 90’s when he had his store. I didn’t know any other traditional bowhunters here in North Carolina at that time and got to talk to Paul on the phone about a good choice of bow.
    If you ever do a podcast with him again, I’d like to know more about his thoughts on shot distance, shot placement, bow weight and things like that.
    Once again great job on the podcast and it was great to hear that Paul is doing well and still very active.

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