Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #29 – Fun with the 12 Factors of Arrow Penetration

Arrow penetration on a feral hog

In Episode #29 Nick and I welcome Todd Smith and Isaac Jestus back to the podcast to discuss Dr. Ed Ashby’s 12 Factors for Arrow Penetration. As you will hear we had a LOT of fun and probably laughed more during this recording than any we have done to date. We discussed our personal thoughts on some of these 12 points, which we feel strongest about and there may be a few surprises regarding some of the factors and how they relate, or perhaps don’t relate to the average hunter and game he is pursuing. This really was a lot of fun and even though it did run a little long I think you will find this is mostly because we were all having a lot of fun.

This episode is sponsored by Java Man Archery.

Show Notes:

  • Introductions
  • Winner of the broadhead giveaway announced
  • Welcome to Todd and Isaac
  • The 12 Factors of Arrow Penetration – Structural Integrity
  • Arrow Flight
  • Forward of Center – FOC
  • Mechanical Advantage
  • Shaft Diameter to Ferrule Diameter Ratio
  • Arrow Mass or Weight
  • Broadhead Edge Finish
  • Shaft Profile
  • Broadhead/Arrow Silhouette
  • Type of Edge Bevel
  • Tip Design
  • Arrow Mass 650 and Above

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  1. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME Episode! Loved it! Keep up the great work. Im running a week or 2 behind on episodes right now with my work schedule but very excited to listen to Wyoming gear review episode!
    Keep the great content and amazing guests coming!

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