Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #33 – The Tradlife with Guest Curt “Guru” Cabrera

In Episode #33 I am joined by my good friend and “co-host at large” Thom Jorgensen where we welcome Curt Cabrera to the show. Thom and I have known Curt through the Traditional Bowhunting Forum “TradGang” for many years. This was the first chance we have had to actually speak with Curt outside of the typed word so we really had a lot of fun with this one. Curt, known as “Guru” on TradGang is the owner of “TradLife Films” on YouTube and is a successful and knowledgeable resource on Traditional Bowhunting. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel. We hope you enjoy the show.

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Curt and Cade Cabrera

Show Notes:

  • Quick catch up with Thom
  • Introduction to Curt Cabrera
  • Curt’s season so far in 2018
  • “Acorn Rain”
  • Our history with TradGang
  • Curt get’s shot by a rifle hunter
  • Social media, it’s effects on TradGang, and on Traditional Bowhunting in general
  • Curt’s chosen weapon
  • Wrap up

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  1. Great podcast Steve, the TO podcasts are always professional and informative. You, Nick & THOMAS have great chemistry together.

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