Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #38 – Hunting Primary Feed Trees with Guest Robert “RC” Carter

In Episode #38 I sit down for a most informative discussion with Mr. Robert Carter, known to many simply as “RC”. Robert is one of the most accomplished Traditional Bowhunters you will ever meet. Every year he simply gets it done with Deer, Turkey and Pigs. Robert hunts mostly public land and uses the approach of locating specific “feed trees” that deer and pig are targeting at a very specific point in time. This style of mobile hunting has garnered the name “Run n Gun” hunting the last year or so but RC and a lot of other guys like Chris Spikes and Warren Womack have been hunting this way for years. In this episode I get into the details asking RC specific questions about how he uses his woodsmanship and knowledge.

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RC with a fine GA buck

Show Notes:

  • Intro to the show and a belated Happy Thanksgiving
  • Welcome to Robert Carter
  • RC’s early years as a hunter
  • Locating and hunting targeted natural food sources
  • More Q&A
  • Quick memorable hunting story
  • Wrap up

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1 Comment

  1. Good podcast Steve. RC sounds just like an old time friend of mine in SC. Some southern accent and common sense easy style, thank you.
    Orlando M.

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