Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #39 – The “National Lampoon” of Hunting Trips

In Episode #39 The three amigos; myself, Thom and Nick, finally get together to relive some of our favorite hunting adventures together since 2012. You can always count on something memorable happening with this crew. It never fails, at least one humorous situation occurs when we are together. It is funny, at one point Thom says “we all do pretty well in the woods individually but not much dies when we hunt together”. That is not exactly true, we have taken animals when hunting together but for me the best part is those are not the stories we always remember when we all get together. It is the memories of time spent together that always comes up in our conversations, not the kills. That is the way it should be in my humble opinion. We all three hope you enjoy reliving some of these hunts with us. The best part is, we still have a lot of stories to tell and some of them even include success!

This episode is sponsored by Great Northern Bowhunting Company

The Three Amigos in Michigan

Show Notes:

  • Intro to the show what we have been up to
  • Steve’s November 17th buck
  • When you’re not sure where to start, go back to the beginning
  • Nick takes the wheel and learns, a Prius is not totally electric
  • Chiggers all around
  • Thom goes for a walk through the greenbriar
  • F&^%$##@* Snuffers, Steve tries a 3 blade head
  • Nick breaks Steve’s vintage lantern and is rewarded for his efforts
  • The Mean Streets of Macon Georgia
  • The Three Little Bears Camp
  • The Three Arrow Armadillo
  • Wrap Up

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