Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #41 – Tagging Out Traditional with Mr. Chris Spikes

In Episode #41 I sit down with Traditional Bowhunter, and 3D competitor Chris Spikes to talk bowhunting and 3D Competition. We hope you enjoy the conversation. Chris maintains the Tagging Out Traditional YouTube channel and if you have not already done so you will want to check out his videos after listening to the podcast.

This episode is sponsored by St. Joe River Bows

Chris Spikes with a nice GA buck

Show Notes:

  • Intro to the show
  • Welcome Mr. Chris Spikes
  • How Chris got into the outdoors
  • Hunting outside of Georgia
  • “Evening Wood” a YouTube Video and Chris’ nickname “Mr. Lucky”
  • Tagging Out Traditional
  • Shooting for Score
  • Wrap Up

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    • Do I feel good about it? Honestly every animal I kill I feel a sense of remorse, but at the same time these beautiful animals have have no real natural predators capable of controlling population numbers effectively and I have seen the results first hand of over crowding and death from diseases associated with high density and over crowding. At least when I take an animal the meat is used to feed myself and in some cases needy families that benefit from the animals death. Have you? Have you seen an animal starving to death because they have not enough food to eat? Have you witnessed animals lying on the side of the road suffering from an impact with a vehicle knowing it was going to die and there was nothing you could do? These are the harsh results of an unchecked deer population and only effective management practices have been proven to keep numbers in check.

      Do I enjoy hunting? Yes I do other wise I would not do it but I am not some blood thirsty person just hell bent on killing animals.

      Beyond this, money raised by hunters does more for animal conservation than ANY other group or organization in the country people always conveniently ignore this fact. Just like they ignore the number of animals displaced and inadvertently killed with the construction of shopping malls, high rises, houses, apartments and more.

      Good day to you.

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