Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #44 – Immersing Kids Into Hunting with Clay Hayes of Twisted Stave

In Episode #44 Nick and I are proud to have Clay Hayes on the show. For anyone that does not know Clay (where have you been hiding??) Clay produces some of the most amazing hunting videos you will ever see. He is a traditional / primitive bowhunter, author, accomplished bowyer and an amazing voice for bowhunters. Clay owns the Twisted Stave website where he offers bowbuilding classes, his books, links to his valuable youtube videos and more. You can also find his videos on his YouTube Channel Clay Hayes Traditional and you may also want to check out series of videos Clay did with BHA which is how I first learned about Clay many years ago. You can find that list of videos at BHA Backcountry College
Also be sure to watch the short film Untamed and while at it be sure to check out the trailer for the film Ascent while you are there. As Nick mentions in the show, this is THE video I show people that ask why I hunt the way I do.

This episode sponsored by St. Joe River Bows.

Clay Hayes with an amazing Elk taken with one of his selfbows

Show Notes:

  • Welcome to the show and intro to our guest Clay Hayes
  • We each tell how we were introduced to hunting
  • Immerse a kid into the hunting experience
  • Hunter Recruitment and Hunter Retention
  • Wrap Up

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