Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #48 – American Bison with an Atlatl – Ryan Gill and Morgan Smith

In Episode #48 Steve welcomes Ryan Gill back to the show to discuss his recent hunt for American Bison with an Atlatl. Now this was not just a hunt but it was also fully documented by Professor Candidate Morgan Smith of Texas A&M University and Morgan joins us to discuss the hunt from both the angle of the research involved but also the experience through the eyes of a non-hunter. Some pretty good stuff in this one. Now for those that do not know Ryan, he is an accomplished bowyer, atlatl hunter, flint knapper, author, and just a wealth of information about primitive skills. Ryan is the owner of Gills Primitive Archery where you can order everything from Ryan’s books, his bows and other primitive tools and even moccasins. He is also the owner of the Hunt Primitive YouTube channel, where Ryan focuses on “Re-creative & Experimental Archaeology Through Practical Application.”

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Bison with Atlatl

Show Notes:

  • Intro to the show
  • Welcome to Ryan Gill and Morgan Smith
  • Their backgrounds Background
  • How the hunt came to be
  • Through the eyes of a non-hunter
  • Wrap Up

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