Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #70 – The Kilted Bowyer, an Evening with David Darling of Kalamazoo Bow Works

In Episode #70 Nick and I are joined by “The Kilted Bowyer, Mr. David Darling of Kalamazoo Bow Works. I met David at the 2019 Compton’s Rendezvous and after speaking with him for about 10 minutes asked if he would be willing to join us for an episode. He immediately said “SURE!” so we scheduled it and made it happen! In this episode we discuss how David got into the business of making bows, his bow models and where he plans to take Kalamazoo Bow Works in the future and we managed to fit in a little hunting chat as well. We hope you enjoy the show and be sure to check out the Kalamazoo Bow Works Facebook Page!

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  1. It’s very satisfying to hear my son is someone of interest for those listening to your Podcast program. Proud father moment for sure.

    • Both Nick and I really enjoyed having David on and we already discussed having a regular check in with him going forward, so it likely will not be the last time.

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