Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #73 – Bows, Books and Big Cats with David Tetzlaff

In episode 73 I sit down with Traditional Bowhunter David Tetzlaff. Both Nick and I met and spent a good bit of time chatting with David at the 2019 Compton’s Rendezvous and just knew we had to get him on the show. In this episode we talk about David’s path to becoming a traditional bowhunter, his contributions to Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, his role with Compton Traditional Bowhunters and his life spent raising and training big cats and more!

This episode is sponsored by Great Northern Bowhunting Company

Be sure to check out the books David mentioned during our discussion:
The Double Helix, Don Thomas
Tigrero, Sasha Siemel
Going Trad, David Petersen
Longbow, Jay Campbell
Maneaters of Kumaon, Jim Corbett

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