Traditional Outdoors Podcast – Episode #78 – Our Memorable Hunting Stories

In episode 78 Thom, Nick and I each tell one of our most memorable hunting stories. To set the stage I asked the guys to join me to tell one hunting related story that means a lot to them and not much else. The stories each one brought to this episode did not surprise me in the least and just affirmed for me the sort of hunting buddies I choose to share the woods with. If you are looking for “Whack em!” or “Smoked him” stories then you will be disappointed. But if you want genuine hunting experiences and the emotions that go along with them then pull of a log, poke the campfire a bit and settle in, I think you will enjoy what you are about to hear.

Also on this episode we announce the winner of the custom longbow from Kalamazoo Bow Works. Mr, Ryan Tucker of Michigan. Congrats Ryan and a huge thanks to David Darling of Kalamazoo Bow Works.

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