Traditional Archery 101 – The Bowhunter Chronicles

While attending the Traditional Archery Expo in Kalamazoo I got to meet and had a great conversation with Adam Miller of the Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast. During that conversation Adam asked me to be a guest on the Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast. Adam wanted to have a discussion about how to get started shooting a stickbow and I gladly agreed. He wanted to try to remove some of the confusion many modern archers feel when considering picking up the longbow. I learned from Adam that many feel overwhelmed with all of the discussions around arrow tuning, FOC, EFOC, bow tuning and more and many times it discourages them from ever picking up a bow. I did my best to explain the bare minimums and what I think is the best approach to getting started……….to pick up a bow and some arrows and start shooting! Worry about the other stuff once you learn the basics. Hopefully this discussion will encourage others to just start flinging some arrows and enjoying the flight of the arrow.

If you like what you hear be sure to check out more of the Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast on your favorite platform or visit their website at: Bowhunter Chronicles Podcast

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