T.O. Episode 94 – “Wild n True” with Jim Nabors

In Episode #94, I have the pleasure of sitting down with an individual that I looked up to in my early years of hunting. This gentleman had a down to earth approach to hunting that really resonated with a very inexperienced young man growing up on a Tobacco farm in North Central North Carolina. I had little in the way of mentors when I was learning to bow hunt and little money to put into the hobby. So seeing another good ol’ boy hunting much the same way as me really captured my attention. That was over 30 years ago and I still remember certain things about those videos that I will never forget.

So it was an a real treat to chat with him on this week’s episode. If you have not heard of Jim before he has a podcast under the name “Wildntrue”, he is currently making his older videos available on DVD through Amazon and he has written a few books as well. Some of his work can be found by following this link to Amazon. So be sure to check him out! As always we hope you enjoy the show!

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