T.O. Episode 98 – Virtual Fireside Chat with Roger Raglin

In Episode #98, I sit down for a great conversation with Mr. Whitetail himself….Roger Raglin. Roger was a pioneer in the hunting video industry and subsequently I learned a lot about hunting whitetails watching Roger’s videos in the late 80s and into the 90s. I was always impressed with Roger’s excitement, energy and his willingness to make fun of himself from time to time. Mostly I remember always feeling like Roger wanted others to experience success in the whitetail woods. So it was with this in mind that I asked Roger to sit down with me for a chat. We discuss how he got started, how things have changed over the years and about what remains the same. I really had a good time talking to Roger and even though we do not choose the same weapons when we go afield, there is still a camaraderie that we do share and we both share the mentality of wanting others to be successful and enjoy our great outdoors. I hope you enjoy.

Also be sure to check out Roger’s Streaming channel, so useful and entertaining content there to be sure! https://www.rogerraglinchannel.com/

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