T.O. Episode 103 – Cookstove chat with Cowboy Chef Kent Rollins

In Episode #103, Nick and I are joined by none other than Kent Rollins. Now if you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years or so, Kent Rollins, better known as Cowboy Chef Kent Rollins, has been a contestant on Food Networks “Grill Masters Chopped” and “Beat Bobby Flay” tv shows. He has an AWESOME YouTube channel focused on cooking with cast iron and includes recipes, tips and more. Kent’s YouTube channel has over 1.3 Million subscribers and if that wasn’t enough he has an amazing website packed with free recipes along with a webstore where you can purchase his books, cooking utensils and his own branded seasoning. I can personally vouch for all of them as I recently purchased his book “A Taste of Cowboy”, some of his Red River Ranch Seasoning and I have his second book and a few other goodies on the way as I type this.

Kent is an accomplished outdoor cook, Elk Guide, Writer and we even learned during our recording that he has a history as a Traditional Bowhunter as well. Kent was an amazing guest and I sure think everyone is enjoy listening to this one. So pull up a chair or a log and gather around the cookstove…this is a good one. An please take the time to visit Kent’s website and YouTube channel in the links below.

Kent Rollins Website

Kent’s YouTube Channel

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