T.O. Episode 104 – Remembering John Schulz

In Episode #104, Nick and I shared some of our thoughts and memories surrounding the late John Schulz. John passed away a few weeks back and honestly his death would probably have gone un-noticed had it not been for posts on facebook. Mr. Schulz had an impact on my traditional bowhunting journey in a few ways and I have always admired his “American Longbow” bows. Mr. Schulz learned to shoot, hunt and build ASL bows under the direct instruction of Howard Hill himself and in later years most, if not all, of the bows Howard shot were made by Schulz.

John Schulz was an accomplished bowyer, hunter, author and demonstration shooter and he also produced an instrution video on how to shoot like Howard Hill. I will include links to as many resourcs as I can below.

Article/Interview Gene Wensel did with John Schulz

The following links are the video “Hitting ’em Like Howard Hill”, the video was broken into 4 segments for YouTube

Hitting ’em Like Howard Hill Video #1

Hitting ’em Like Howard Hill Video #2

Hitting ’em Like Howard Hill Video #3

Hitting ’em Like Howard Hill Video #4

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Also, a special shoutout to Kent Rollins for letting me read “Leon Goes to Church” on this week’s episode.

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