T.O. Episode 109 – Whitetails, Rabbits and more with Bryan Miller

In Episode #109, Nick and I have a great chat with Bryan Miller. Bryan is one of those individuals that spends a ton of time in the outdoors. He participates in everything from traditional bowhunting for whitetails to chasing snowshoe hares and even attending local 3d shoots. We had a great chat with Bryan and hope you enjoy it as much as Nick and I did.

Also, as mentioned in the intro, for those that have reached out to me regarding the news of my wife’s current health situation, thank you so much for reaching out. If you had asked how you could help I am including the GoFund me page that I mention in this episode intro that was set up by one of my wife’s good friends. I am not asking folks to donate but if you have asked then the link is below.

Loving On Lorrie Go Fund Me Page

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