October longbow doe, taken 10/17/21

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Join me for a hunt from mid-October 2021. Hunting over a red oak with acorns still falling and lots of feeding sign. I hung the stand and hunted late Friday afternoon, the 15th, and all day Saturday in high winds with not much to show for my efforts. But Sunday had a lot more action with a total of 6 whitetails seen and a doe shot at about 18 yards. The Simmons Treeshark did it’s job well and she was down in under 9 seconds. This was the first doe taken with my new American Semi Longbow built for me by Jamey Burkhead. The bow, nick named “Yankee” is 66″ long and pulls 54@28″. The arrows are Black Eagle carbons tipped with 165 grain Simmons Treesharks and a total weight of 820 grains.

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