T.O. Episode 123 – The Great GPS Debate

Ok, maybe not a “great debate” but in Episode 123 I welcome Thom Jorgensen to join me as my co-host while we discuss the pros and cons of using a GPS vs a Cell phone for navigation when hunting. Specifically, when hunting with traditional archery gear and going into new locations. Cell phones have come a long way and for many activities I find they perform just fine if just wanting to from point A to point B in general terms. However, for capabilities beyond simple A to B navigation or if accuracy to within feet is desired I still prefer my trusty Garmin Montana. Would love to hear from our listeners on this one, what are your experiences and preferences?

Also, we spend some time talking about a few other items. One being a great live cam Thom introduced me to this week. Check out the Nabibia Desert Live cam by copy and pasting this link in your browser – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydYDqZQpim8 also, I introduced Thom to a great case for his Garmin Montana called the Gizzmo Vest. I have been using one since I bought my Garmin Montana years ago. Thom ordered one this week and is very happy with his. You can check those out by heading over to http://www.gizzmovest.com/.

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