One Year On A North Georgia Game Trail

On January 23rd 2020 I placed a trail camera over a heavily used game trail located on a North Georgia Wildlife Management Area. The trail’s location and heavy use is the result of multiple factors that culminate into such heavy usage. The location is created by a natural funnel as well as being on a terrain feature known as a bench. The location is surprisingly close to a fair amount of human activity year round but despite this only one human was captured on the camera in over a year.

One week after this camera was placed I would learn my wife’s Cancer diagnosis from the previous October was indeed terminal and while we hoped for more time I would lose her to Cancer just 7 months after this camera was placed. I did not retrieve the camera until mid February of 2022 at which time I found a total of 668 video clips each being 15 seconds in length. After removing late triggers, false triggers, local canines and the one human I was left with approximately 522 clips. These I then edited so remove as much video as possible where no activity was being displayed. It was a long and tedious process but I feel it was worth the effort. In the video you will find: whitetail deer, black bear, racoons, bobcats, coyotes, fox and turkeys. The predominate animal activity is whitetail deer.

This video is dedicated to the memory of my loving wife. Lorrie Parr Angell 10/27/63 – 08/22/21

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